Nichani Law Firm regularly retains local counsel across the United States, so we know precisely what attorneys are looking for when retaining local counsel in Silicon Valley. We routinely work with out-of-state attorneys to assist in resolving their clients’ legal issues.

We support out-of-state attorneys with reliable and responsive local-counsel services, customized depending on their clients’ needs and limitations. Our services include basic filings, pro hac vice motions, court appearances, reviewing and signing filings as required by local court rules, and if requested, handling of the complex and substantive aspects of the litigation.

We understand the value of hiring local counsel that is reliable, that performs the requested duties, and keeps within budget. Just as important, we provide out-of-state attorneys timely and detailed reports when appropriate.

Nichani Law Firm is a small and efficient firm with decades of experience. With offices based in Silicon Valley, we are ideally located near many state and federal courthouses. Our attorneys promise to deliver large firm quality service, at small firm pricing.

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